The back2papa is a daemon for Unix-like operating systems, which captures information from your laptop (like screenshot, webcam photo and geo location) and sends the data from time to time to a server (FTP, SSH, etc. ..)
The back2papa goal is to be flexible. In the configuration file you use a external command of your choice to send the data as well as for the capture. Thus, you can use ftp, ssh, rsync or anything you like to send the collected data, and can use the program of your choice for data capture.

See the configuration file for examples.


This software is still in beta version! If you're a developer, please contribute!

back2papa can be downloaded from git. It is hosted at Gitorious. Please use the following commands to clone it to your machine:

git clone git://gitorious.org/unix-stuff/back2papa.git back2papa
cd back2papa

It is written in POSIX C and can be compiled for any platform UNIX-like (like Linux, MacOS X, etc. ..)

Alternatively, you may want to download a GNU tarball of the current snapshot.

Note: If you lost a laptop with the Windows operating system, believe me, you're better off without it.


Please report bugs!

For bugs and features requests, please visit here.


back2papa is licensed under the GPL license v2.